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Responsible Travel

Doing our bit by donating to the Koala Clancy Foundation.

Wanderlust during COVID times has given thought to how to be a better traveller when we can once again explore the world. We can all do our bit to travel more responsibly, and that is sure to include such things as checking that box to offset your travel with the airline, consider a holiday in the shoulder/low season, carry a reusable water bottle and say no to single use items, go local and stay longer, and avoid animal tourism such as elephant rides and dolphin parks.

Be meaningful with your travel…

Responsible Tourism is about being more ethical and sustainable. It’s about gaining a deeper understanding of the local environment and culture as well as giving back. It is not only a pandemic that has challenged our natural world, but also bushfires, floods and of course, climate change.  Decisions and holiday itineraries are key to ensuring that we leave the places we visit better off and not worse off. It is a focus on protecting the very things that inspire us to travel. New Zealand have summarised the responsible travel commitment well with their Tiaki Promise. Protect and Preserve.

Support companies that choose to give back…

A common theme with the regular stories from our backyard blogs has been about choosing companies and experiences that give back. These tour operators are passionate and support the very environment in which they operate. The benefits from their efforts are many: eradication of predators, protection of native rainforests, wildlife research initiatives, help with endangered species, support of first nations communities, and coral nurture programmes to name a few.

AET Travel is proud to support wild Koalas…

We’re delighted to announce that AET Travel is also doing our bit. We are now an ongoing donor of the Koala Clancy Foundation. This incredible charity is inspiring travellers and local communities to help ensure a future for wild koalas. The foundation plants trees for koalas on farms and private land, creates new habitats and advocates for better protection of wild koalas. Sadly, koalas could soon be listed as endangered in Queensland and New South Wales, so we believe it is critically important to support our iconic Australian mammal. We hope you agree too…

Your next adventure awaits!

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Keep up to date with the latest travel tips, blogs, experiences and itineraries.

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