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Stories from our backyard: Phillip Island Penguin Parade

Jul 20, 2020 | Australia, Victoria

They are only 33 cms tall. Formerly known as fairy penguins, Phillip Island’s little penguins are indeed the world’s largest colony of the world’s smallest penguins. It’s a heart-warming experience to see…and something that draws a smile during these COVID times. On any given evening at sunset you can expect to see 1,100 little penguins waddle in from the sea. This is the Phillip Island Penguin Parade. A magical event in which the little penguins have the starring role and their natural environment is the stage.

Phillip Island Penguin Parade
Penguin Parade

Phillip Island is located only 90 minutes from Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. The Penguin Parade first drew attention back in the 1920’s with small operators taking tourists by torchlight to see the penguin’s nightly arrival. Now there are up to 3,500 visitors each evening (pre-COVID) and operations are managed by Phillip Island Nature Parks, a self-funded not-for-profit organisation. This is a unique conservation organisation whose responsibilities include the management of 25% of the land on Phillip Island, as well as wildlife management and the operations of a range of ecotourism experiences. Their goal is to protect nature for wildlife and inspire people to actively protect the environment.

Koala Reserve
Churchill Island
Antarctic Journey

The main eco-tourism experiences which are managed by Phillip Island Nature Parks are the Penguin Parade, the Koala Reserve where you can see koalas up close via the tree-top boardwalks, Churchill Island which offers farm activities and historical grounds and the Antarctic Journey at the Nobbies Centre which is designed to entertain and educate about the southern ocean and Antarctica. The 3 parks pass bundled ticket with an upgrade to Penguins Plus is the most popular and recommended booking choice. Profits generated by these main attractions are invested into conservation, research, ecotourism, environmental and educational initiatives within the Nature Parks.

Pyramid Rock Walk

So, every visitor contributes…

As a result of these contributions Phillip Island Nature Parks have scored many great conservation wins. The island is now the largest inhabited island in the world that has eradicated the European red fox and remains free of this introduced predator. That is good news for the penguins and other native wildlife! Other efforts and conservation programs focus on the care of the habitat with many new native plants in the ground that provide food and shelter for wildlife, removal of invasive weeds, wildlife rescue of seals from fishing lines, examining images from motion detection cameras to identify any pest animals, as well as the all-important wildlife research and monitoring.

Seal Rock – Phillip Island

But back to the main event. With international borders currently closed, and a second pause to visitation of the Penguin Parade due to a Coronavirus uptick, the Nature Parks have concentrated on keeping things as normal as possible for the stars of the show. That means many nights of no crowds with the lights still flicked on so that the waddling stars experience no difference to their environment. Such strange times!

Time to put on a smile on your face…

Even in these quiet times the penguins still draw attention. The respected Scottish BBC sport commentator Andrew Cotter, whose voice is well known to fans of international golf, tennis and athletics, has narrated the antics of Phillip Island’s most famous residents as they waddle from the shoreline, across the sand dunes to arrive safely at home, in their burrows. Please watch the hilarious video here…

Phillip Island Nature Parks is a not-for-profit conservation organisation, committed to the protection of wildlife and its habitat, funded through the operation of its ecotourism experiences. Make sure to support Phillip Island Nature Parks and enjoy the penguin parade when you next visit Victoria, Australia.

Good to know:

Island Surf School
Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

Phillip Island is only a 90 minute drive south-east of Melbourne and is easily one of the most popular spots to visit in Victoria for many good reasons. The island offers stunning coastal scenery, beaches to explore and many wildlife encounters. Well worth a 2-night stay, make some time to catch the large colony of Australian Fur Seals on a seal watching cruise, feed the wild pelicans at San Remo, visit the Chocolate Factory and then burn off all the sugar at Amaze n Things. Finally, don’t forget to take the kids go-karting on the scale replica of the famous Grand Prix circuit!

And finally:

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